TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #button {square} {commands} {priority}

         The #button command can be used to respond with one or several
         commands to a mouse click received within the specified square.
         The click coordinates are stored in %0-%3 and can be used in the
         command part of the button.

         The square part should exists of two coordinates defining the
         upper left and bottom right corner using row, col, row, col syntax.
         The square arguments should be separated by spaces, semi-colons or

         By default the button is set to respond to a mouse button press, to
         respond to other button presses you must add a 5th argument to the
         square that defines the button press type. You can enable #info
         button on to see button events and their type as they happen.

         The priority part is optional and determines the priority of the
         button, it defaults to 5.

         You must enable #config {mouse tracking} on for buttons to work.

         This command draws no visible button, you'll have to do so separately
         if needed.

Example: #button {1;1;2;2} {#show You clicked the upper left corner.}

         Buttons are ordered alphabetically and only one button can trigger at
         a time. To change the order you can assign a priority, which defaults
         to 5, with a lower number indicating a higher priority. The priority
         can be a floating point number.

Comment: To see button clicks trigger use #info button on.

Comment: You can remove a button with the #unbutton command.

Related: delay, event and ticker.