TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #config {option} {argument}

         This allows you to configure various settings, the settings can be
         written to file with the #write command.

         If you configure the global session (the one you see as you start up
         tintin) all sessions started will inherite these settings.

         It's advised to make a configuration file to read on startup if you
         do not like the default settings.

         Use #config without an argument to see your current configuration as
         well as a brief explanation of each config option.

         The following config options are not listed by default:

         #CONFIG {AUTO TAB}      {NUMBER} Buffer lines used for tab completion
         #CONFIG {CHILD LOCK}    {ON|OFF} Enable or disable command input.
         #CONFIG {CONNECT RETRY} {NUMBER} Seconds to try to connect on failure.
         #CONFIG {CONVERT META}  {ON|OFF} Shows color codes and key bindings.
         #CONFIG {DEBUG TELNET}  {ON|OFF} Shows telnet negotiations y/n.
         #CONFIG {HIBERNATE}     {ON|OFF} Enable or disable low CPU usage mode.
         #CONFIG {LOG LEVEL}   {LOW|HIGH} LOW logs server output before triggers.
         #CONFIG {INHERITANCE}   {ON|OFF} Session trigger inheritance y/n.
         #CONFIG {MCCP}          {ON|OFF} Enable or disable MCCP support.
         #CONFIG {RANDOM SEED}   {NUMBER} Seed value used for random numbers.
         #CONFIG {TAB WIDTH}     {NUMBER} Number of spaces used for a tab
         #CONFIG {TINTIN CHAR}   {SYMBOL} Character used for TinTin++ commands.

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