TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #daemon {attach|detach|kill|list} [name]

         #daemon provides functionality similar to that of the screen and tmux

         #daemon attach [name]
           The attach option will try to find a daemonized tintin instance and
           take over control. The name argument is optional.

         #daemon detach [name]
           The detach option will daemonize tintin, turning it into a background
           process. The name argument is optional and is useful if you have
           several daemonized tt++ instances running so you can keep them apart.

         #daemon kill [name]
           Kills all daemons or daemons with matching name.

         #daemon list [name]
           List all daemons or daemons with matching name.

         You can launch tintin and attach the first daemonized instance using
         tt++ -R. To attach a named instance use tt++ -R<name>.

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