TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #delay {seconds} {command}
Command: #delay {name} {command} {seconds}

         Delay allows you to have tintin wait the given amount of seconds
         before executing the given command.

         Nanosecond floating point precision is allowed. Delays will fire in
         0.01 second intervals.

         Named delays are treated as one-shot tickers, see #help tick.

Example: #delay {1} {#show last};#show first
         This will print 'first', and 'last' around one second later.

Comment: If you want to remove a delay with the #undelay command you can add
         a name as the first argument, be aware this changes the syntax. If
         the name is a number keep in mind that delays with the same numeric
         name will not be overwritten

Related: event and ticker.