TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

         You may use the escape character \ for various special characters.

         \a    beep the terminal.
         \c    send a control character, \ca for ctrl-a.
         \e    start an escape sequence.
         \f    send a form feed.
         \n    send a line feed.
         \r    send a carriage return.
         \t    send a horizontal tab.
         \x    print an 8 bit character using hexadecimal, \xFF for example.
         \x7B  send the '{' character.
         \x7D  send the '}' character.
         \u    print a 16 bit unicode character, \uFFFD for example.
         \U    print a 21 bit unicode character, \U02AF21 for example.
         \v    send a vertical tab

         Ending a line with \ will stop tintin from appending a line feed.
         To escape arguments in an alias or action use %%0 %%1 %%2 etc.

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