TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #function {name} {operation}

         Functions allow you to execute a script within a line of text, and
         replace the function call with the line of text generated by the

         Be aware that each function should use the #return command at the
         end of the function with the result, or set the {result} variable.

         To use a function use the @ character before the function name.
         The function arguments should be placed between braces behind the
         function name with argument separated by semicolons.

         Functions can be escaped by adding additional @ signs.

Example: #function test #return 42;#showme @@test{}

         The function itself can use the provided arguments which are stored
         in %1 to %99, with %0 holding all arguments.

Example: #function {rnd} {#math {result} {1 d (%2 - %1 + 1) + %1 - 1}}
         #show A random number between 100 and 200: @rnd{100;200}

Example: #function gettime {#format result %t %H:%M}
         #show The current time is @gettime{}

Comment: You can remove a function with the #unfunction command.

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