TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #macro {key sequence} {commands}

         Macros allow you to make tintin respond to function keys.

         The key sequence send to the terminal when pressing a function key
         differs for every OS and terminal. To find out what sequence is sent
         you can enable the CONVERT META config option.

         Another option is pressing ctrl-v, which will enable CONVERT META for
         the next key pressed.

         If you only want a key sequence to trigger at the start of an input
         line prefix the key sequence with ^.

Example: #macro {(press ctrl-v)(press F1)} {#show \e[2J;#buffer lock}
         Clear the screen and lock the window when you press F1, useful when the
         boss is near.

Example: #macro {\eOM} {#cursor enter}
         Makes the keypad's enter key work as an enter in keypad mode.

Example: #macro {^nn} {n}
         Makes pressing n twice on an empty line execute north.

Comment: Not all terminals properly initialize the keypad key sequences.
         If this is the case you can still use the keypad, but instead of the
         arrow keys use ctrl b, f, p, and n.

Comment: You can remove a macro with the #unmacro command.

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