TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

         MSLP (Mud Server Link Protocol) requires enabling #config mouse on,
         and creating the appropriate LINK events.

         The simplest link can be created by surrounding a keyword with the
         \e[4m and \e[24m tags.

Example: #substitute {\b{n|e|s|w|u|d}\b} {\e[4m%1\e[24m}

         This would display 'Exits: n, e, w.' as 'Exits: n, e, w.'.

         When clicked this would trigger the PRESSED LINK MOUSE BUTTON ONE
         event of which %4 will hold the link command and %6 holds the
         link name, which in the case of a simple link will be empty.

Example: #event {PRESSED LINK MOUSE BUTTON ONE} {#send {%4}}

         Keep in mind that if you change PRESSED to DOUBLE-CLICKED the link
         will only work if the text does not scroll in between clicks.

         If you want to create a complex link use an OSC code.

Example: #sub {\bsmurf\b} {\e]68;1;;say I hate smurfs!\a\e[4m%0\e[24m}

         If you have the LINK event of the previous example set, the %4
         argument will contain 'say I hate smurfs!'.

Example: #sub {\bgoblin\b} {\e]68;1;SEND;kill goblin\a\e[4m%0\e[24m}

         Notice the previous instance of ;; has been replaced with ;SEND;
         which will name the link. This will generate a named event.

Example: #event {PRESSED LINK SEND MOUSE BUTTON ONE} {#send {%4}}

         By naming links you can organize things a little bit better instead
         of tunneling everything through the same event.

         Keep in mind that the server is allowed to use \e]68;1;\a as well,
         subsequently various security measures are in place.

         To create secure links, which are filtered out when send by a server,
         you need to use \e]68;2;\a, and they instead trigger the SECURE LINK

         To creae a link that is not undelined, use \e]4;24m text \e]24m.

Example: #sub {%* tells %*} {\e]68;2;EXEC;#cursor set tell %1 \a\e[4;24m%0\e[24m}

         This would make you start a reply when clicking on a tell.

Website: https://tintin.mudhalla.net/protocols/mslp

Related: event and port.