TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #path {option} {argument}

         create   Will clear the path and start path mapping.
         delete   Will delete the last move of the path.
         describe Describe the path and current position.
         destroy  Will clear the path and stop path mapping.
         get      Will get either the length or position.
         goto     Go the the start, end, or given position index.
         insert   Add the given argument to the path.
         load     Load the given variable as the new path.
         map      Display the map and the current position.
         move     Move the position forward or backward. If a number is given
                  the position is changed by the given number of steps.
         run      Execute the current path, with an optional floating point
                  delay in seconds as the second argument.
         save     Save the path to a variable. You must specify whether you
                  want to save the path 'forward' or 'backward'.
         start    Start path mapping.
         stop     Stop path mapping, can also abort #path run.
         swap     Switch the forward and backward path.
         unzip    Load the given speedwalk as the new path.
         walk     Take one step forward or backward.
         zip      Turn the path into a speedwalk.

Example: #path ins {unlock n;open n} {unlock s;open s}

Related: map, pathdir and speedwalk.