TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #prompt {text} {new text} {row #} {col #}

         Prompt is a feature for split window mode, which will capture a line
         received from the server and display it on the status bar of your
         split screen terminal. You would define <text> and <new text> the
         same way as you would with #substitute.

         The row number is optional and useful if you use a non standard split
         mode. A positive row number draws #row lines from the top while a
         negative number draws #row lines from the bottom. Without an argument
         #prompt will write to the default split line, which is one row above
         the input line, typically at row -2.

         If the row number is set to 0, #prompt will behave like #substitute.
         This is useful to let tintin know that a prompt was received so you
         can use #config packet_patch with minimal interference.

         The col number is optional and can be used to set the column index.
         A positive col number draws the given number of columns from the left,
         while a negative col number draws from the right. If you leave the
         col number empty tintin will clear the row before printing at the
         start of the row.

         The #show command takes a row and col argument as well so it's also
         possible to place text on your split lines using #show.

Comment: See #help split for more information on split mode.

Comment: See #help substitute for more information on text

Comment: You can remove a prompt with the #unprompt command.

Related: action, gag, highlight and substitute.