TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

         SPEEDWALK V1

         Speedwalking allows you to enter multiple directions without using
         semicolons. Directions should be prefixed with a number and will be
         executed the given number of times.

         You can enable speedwalking with #CONFIG {SPEEDWALK} {ON}.

Example: Without speedwalk, you have to type:
         With speedwalk, you only have to type:

         SPEEDWALK V2

         Modern MUDs have increasingly adopted the use of diagonal exits, like
         ne, nw, sw, and se. To make accomodations for this the #map and #path
         command no longer interpret nesw as a speedwalk and require this to
         be written as 1n1e1s1w, which then allows 2ne2e to execute ne;ne;e;e.

         Speedwalks entered on the input line continue to use the v1 system.

         The #path load command is backward compatible with v1 speedwalks and
         to load v2 speedwalks the #path unzip command needs to be used, unless
         the speedwalk was saved using #path save in which case a v2 compatible
         format is used that can also contain timing data.

Example: #path unzip 3n1e2nw
Example: #map move 3ne1d

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