TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #substitute {text} {new text} {priority}

         Allows you to replace text from the server with the new text.
         This is helpful for complex coloring and making things more readable.
         The %1-%99 variables can be used to capture text and use it as part of
         the new output, and the ^ char is valid to only check the beginning of
         the line for the text specified.

         If only one argument is given, all active substitutions that match the
         strings are displayed.  The '%*' char is valid in this instance.  See
         '#help regex', for advanced wildcard information.

         If no argument is given, all subs are displayed.

Example: #sub {Zoe} {ZOE}
         Any instance of Zoe will be replaced with ZOE.

Example: #sub {~\e[0;34m} {\e[1;34m}
         Replace generic dark blue color codes with bright blue ones.

Example: #sub {%1massacres%2} {<018>%1<118>MASSACRES<018>%2}
         Replaces all occurrences of 'massacres' with 'MASSACRES' in red.

Comment: See '#help action', for more information about triggers.

Comment: See '#help colors', for more information.

Comment: You can remove a substitution with the #unsubstitute command.

Related: action, gag, highlight and prompt.