TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #while {conditional} {commands}

         This command works similar to a 'while' statement in other languages.

         When a 'while' command is encourated, the conditional is evaluated,
         and if TRUE (any non-zero result) the commands are executed. The
         'while' loop will be repeated indefinitely until the conditional is
         FALSE or the #BREAK or #RETURN commands are found.

         The 'while' statement is only evaluated if it is read, so you must
         nest it inside a trigger, like an alias or action.

         The conditional is evaluated exactly the same as in the 'math' command.

Example: #math cnt 0;#while {$cnt < 20} {#math cnt $cnt + 1;say $cnt}

Comment: See '#help math', for more information.

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