TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #draw [color] [options] <type> <square> {text}

         The draw commands allows you to draw various types of lines and shapes
         on the screen. Common options and types with a brief description are
         provided when you type #draw without an argument.

         The square arguments should exists of two coordinates defining the
         upper left and bottom right corner using row, col, row, col syntax.

       You can prefix the option with a color code or color name to color the
         lines and shapes.

         You can further prefix the option as following:

         ASCII      will draw in ASCII mode.
         BLANKED    will blank the lines and corners.
         BOLD       will draw text with bold letters.
         BOTTOM     will draw on the bottom side if possible.
         BUMPED     will precede the draw with an enter.
         CIRCLED    will circle the corners.
         CONVERT    will draw text with meta conversion.
         CROSSED    will cross the corners.
         CURSIVE    will draw text with cursive letters.
         FAT        will draw text with fat letters.
         FILLED     will fill circles and jewels.
         GRID       will draw TABLE as a grid.
         HORIZONTAL will draw horizontal if possible.
         HUGE       will draw text in huge letters.
         JEWELED    will diamond the corners.
         JOINTED    will draw corners.
         LEFT       will draw on the left side if possible.
         NUMBERED   will draw numbered, mostly for debugging.
         PRUNED     will prune the corners.
         RIGHT      will draw on the right side if possible.
         ROUNDED    will round the corners.
         SCROLL     will draw in the scrolling region.
         SHADOWED   will shadow HUGE text.
         TEED       will tee the corners.
         TRACED     will trace HUGE text.
         TOP        will draw on the top side if possible.
         TUBED      will draw tubes instead of lines.
         UNICODE    will draw in unicode mode.
         VERTICAL   will draw vertical if possible.

         The following types are available.

           will draw a box.
           will draw a corner.
           will draw a line.
         RAIN {<VARIABLE>} {[SPAWN]} {[FADE]} {[LEGEND]}
           will draw digital rain.
           will draw one or more sides of a box.
         [GRID] TABLE {[LIST1]} {[LIST2]}
          will draw a table.
         [HUGE] TILE {[TEXT1]} {[TEXT2]}
           will draw a tile

         All draw types take an optional text argument as long as a valid
         square with enough space has been defined. Text is automatically
         word wrapped.

Example: #draw Blue box 1 1 3 20 {Hello world!}

Related: buffer, echo, grep and showme.