TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #action {message} {commands} {priority}

         The #action command can be used to respond with one or several
         commands to a specific message send by the server. The %1-%99
         variables are substituted from the message and can be used in the
         command part of the action.

         The priority part is optional and determines the priority of the
         action, it defaults to 5.

         If the message starts with a ~ color codes must be matched. You can
         enable #config {convert meta} on to display meta characters.

         For more information on pattern matching see the section on PCRE.

Example: #action {%1 tells you '%2'} {tell %1 I'm afk.}

         Actions can be triggered by the show command and certain system

         Actions can be triggered by the #show command. If you don't want a
         #show to get triggered use: #line ignore #show {text}

         Actions are ordered alphabetically and only one action can trigger at
         a time. To change the order you can assign a priority, which defaults
         to 5, with a lower number indicating a higher priority. The priority
         can be a floating point number.

         To remove action with %* as the message, use #unaction {%%*} or
         #unaction {%*}. Alternatively you could wrap the action inside a
         class, and kill that class when you no longer need the action.

Comment: You can remove an action with the #unaction command.

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