TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #action {message} {commands} {priority}

         The #action command can be used to respond with one or several
         commands to a specific message send by the server. The %1-%99
         variables are substituted from the message and can be used in the
         command part of the action.

         If the message starts with a ~ color codes must be matched. You can
         enable #config {convert meta} on to display meta characters.

         For more information on pattern matching see the section on PCRE.

Example: #action {%1 tells you '%2'} {tell %1 I'm afk.}

         Actions can be triggered by the #show command. If you don't want a
         #show to get triggered use: #line ignore #show {text}

         Actions are ordered alphabetically and only one action can trigger at
         a time. To change the order you can assign a priority, which defaults
         to 5, with a lower number indicating a higher priority. The priority
         can be a floating point number and should be between 1 and 9.

         To remove an action with %* as the message, use #unaction {%%*} or
         #unaction {\%*}. Alternatively you could wrap the action inside a
         class, and kill that class when you no longer need the action.

Comment: You can remove an action with the #unaction command.

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