TinTin++ Mud Client Manual

Command: #pathdir {dir} {reversed dir} {coord}

         By default tintin sets the most commonly used movement commands
         meaning you generally don't really have to bother with pathdirs.
         Pathdirs are used by the #path and #map commands.

         The first argument is a direction, the second argument is the reversed
         direction.  The reverse direction of north is south, etc.

         The third argument is a spatial coordinate which is a power of two.
         'n' is 1, 'e' is 2, 's' is 4, 'w' is '8', 'u' is 16, 'd' is 32. The
         exception is for compound directions, whose value should be the sum
         of the values of each cardinal direction it is composed of. For
         example, 'nw' is the sum of 'n' and 'w' which is 1 + 8, so 'nw'
         needs to be given the value of 9. This value is required for the
         #map functionality to work properly.

Example: #pathdir {ue} {dw} {18}
         #pathdir {dw} {ue} {40}

Comment: You can remove a pathdir with the #unpathdir command.

Related: map and path.